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Health Psychology MSc

Image: Health Psychology COURSE INFORMATION (2014 ENTRY)

12 months full-time

Health and Life Sciences
Northumberland Building, Newcastle City Campus

Health Psychology is a rapidly expanding discipline concerned with the application of psychological theories, research and methodologies to the study of health and disease processes and encompasses topics ranging from the biological determinants of health through to the delivery of healthcare to society. The MSc in Health Psychology provides the first stage of practitioner training necessary to gain British Psychological Society (BPS) accreditation as a Chartered Health Psychologist. The programme will, therefore, equip you with a solid knowledge base, core practitioner skills, and research techniques that effectively prepare for progression to Chartered Health Psychologist status and a subsequent career in Health Psychology. 

The programme is delivered by an expert team with a variety of health-related backgrounds and an excellent research record within the field of Health Psychology. The programme content is based on contemporary research findings and utilises our network of experts in the field to ensure that you are at the cutting edge and connected with leading researchers in the discipline. 

You will also gain firsthand practical experience of a range of measurement and intervention techniques that are not available on other courses of this kind and we support you in using these experiences to develop your own areas of expertise in work-based and research settings. Our ecologically valid sleep centre, stress laboratory, and practical sessions involving measuring and analysing your own stress hormones are just some of the unique aspects of the programme at Northumbria. 

Our blend of research led teaching and practical experiences will challenge and excite you and provide you with a unique set of skills and a solid foundation for a career in Health Psychology.


Alongside more traditional methods of assessment such as essay writing and examinations, the MSc in Health Psychology uses a variety of innovative methods tailored to effectively assess the knowledge acquired on the programme whilst providing you with the skills you will need in your future careers. These assessments include peer feedback, presentations, academic posters, ethics and funding applications, media releases and reports for non-academic audiences and through feedback we will help you to develop a range of skills relevant to your career development.


The programme has received BPS accreditation and provides students with the professional training required to progress towards BPS Chartered Health Psychologist status and registered Practitioner status with the Health and Caring Professions Council (HPC).


The programme provides students with Stage 1 accreditation towards Chartered Health Psychologist. As a Chartered Health Psychologist a variety of careers in the area of health, including health care delivery, health promotion, illness management and rehabilitation, would be available. The programme also provides students with a range of skills applicable to a variety of health and health-related research and other academic posts.


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