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History BA (Hons)

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4 to 6 years part-time

Arts, Design and Social Sciences
Lipman Building, Newcastle City Campus

This degree offers a wide range of approaches to the study of history and provides a thorough training in the skills of the practising historian.

Students can choose to study a huge range of fascinating topics spanning the centuries and continents. Throughout the programme you will become familiar with British, European and World history from the Medieval period to the present day.

You may also study a modern language at a level appropriate to your knowledge.


Teaching is through a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials. Modules are assessed by a range of oral and written tasks including presentations, projects, assignments, examinations and a dissertation.


Careers: Many graduates move into careers as researchers, drawing on their skills in evaluating and analysing documentary evidence. Such work can be within museums and historical organisations. Employment can also be found with government departments and agencies, not-for-profit organisations and associations, including posts in central and local government, the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the Department of the Environment and the Inland Revenue.

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