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Flat-finding Guide

This information is intended to help you find suitable rented accommodation. It is quite detailed so you should read it carefully before beginning your search.

Matters relating to housing law are only touched on as it can be a complicated area. If you wish to know more about that or any other accommodation related matter, please contact the Private Housing Team in the Accommodation Office.

The Accommodation Office
The Accommodation Office cannot guarantee to find good accommodation for all students. Given the number of students and the workings of the housing market, it is a nice idea but a practical impossibility. However, we will do all we can to assist you. You will need to:

  • Check out the magazines, New Student and House Hustler, which are delivered to residences and available in the Student Union and Accommodation Office from November.
  • Check our list of landlords and agents. There is a surplus of student properties in Newcastle - even in September there are still rooms available.  
  • Contact landlords and make appointments to view properties. You should take details of many addresses as by the time you get to see them, some will have already gone and others may not be very good.
  • Visit landlords, inspect properties. If the current students are still in occupation, ask if it is alright to have a look around. Most students will not mind (they probably did it themselves last year). Ask the current occupants about any practical problems they may have had.
  • We recommend that you take a friend with you on all viewings and that you do not accept any property until you have inspected it. If you are looking at information from overseas, we advise against committing to a property until you can inspect it for yourself.
  • We have had reports recently of fraudsters operating on Gumtree, pretending to be landlords and taking money from students before their arrival. When the students arrive, neither the 'landlord' nor the money can be found.

Good luck! And don't forget - if you need any advice or assistance, please call into the Accommodation Office - we are open all year round.