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Equality and Diversity


Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor

As Vice-Chancellor of Northumbria University, I would like to welcome you to our equality and diversity web pages. Northumbria University is proud to be a multi-cultural community; we value diversity, and are determined to ensure that the opportunities we provide are open to all. Equality and Diversity strongly underpins the University’s Core Values as outlined within its Corporate Plan.

Whilst we welcome the greater legislative protection which has been enacted in recent years at Northumbria we have long been aware that there is a compelling moral case for equality. Therefore, as well as implementing our legislative duties we are striving to create a community that positively welcomes diversity by aiming to embed Equality and Diversity into everything that we do. These commitments are reflected in our Equality and Diversity Policy Statement(word) and our Single Equality Scheme (SES).

We intend to become a Higher Education Institution which is recognised for its good practice in this area. As Vice-Chancellor I fully support the development of a culture where we maximise the potential of all our staff and students and equip our students for life in a multicultural and diverse society.

I am particularly pleased to be able to share with you our plans for the future and some of the ways in which we intend to implement our equality and diversity agenda. We will use this web page to keep you updated with work we have undertaken and work we plan to do. We will publish on this website our schemes, reports and outcomes of any assessments for your information.

Professor Andrew Wathey
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive