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Professor Brian Agnew

BTech, MSc, PhD CEng, FIMechE

Professor of Energy and the Environment


I joined Engineering and Environment at Northumbria University after working for nearly 25 years at Newcastle University. I continue to work on modelling thermal systems and encompassing aspects of the built environment such as energy efficiency in buildings, distributed power systems, geothermal energy and storage systems and air flow and dispersion.

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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Thermal Systems, Subway and City Climatology, Thermodynamics, research methods

Sponsors and Collaborators

Thermacore Europe, Nexus, Rolls-Royce, Newcastle University, London South Bank University, Brunel University, UiTM Malaysia, Ruhr University Bochum, Oxford University.

Current/Recent Projects

• NanoHex Project, Applications Advisory Board Member, seconded to project in July 2011.


• EP/G059799/1 Optimising Thermal Energy Recovery, Utilisation and Management in the Process Industries OPTITHERM, with Brunel University and Newcastle University. •
• EP/E028705/1 Development of Miniature Refrigeration Systems for Electronics Cooling with Oxford University and London South Bank University.
• GR/D99539/01 Lean burn Combustion with the Ford Motor Co.
• GR/F10941/01 Turbosep with Domnik Hunter.
• GR/E22916/01 Turbosep with Domnik Hunter

Key Publications


1. “The influence of Coolant Temperature on Various Cycle Parameters of Single Effect LiBr-H2O Absorption Chillers when Energised from a Low Temperature Heat Source”. Masheiti S., Agnew B.  I.Mech.E. Proceedings Part A, Journal of Power and Energy, 224, 7, 947-955, 2010.

2. “An Evaluation of the use of R134a and R245fa as the Working Fluid in an Organic Rankine Cycle Energized from a Low Temperature Geothermal Energy Source”. S. Masheiti S., Agnew B., Walker S., Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, V 5, 5, pp 392 – 402, 2011. 


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