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Systems Practice for Managing Complexity (SPMC)

SPMC was originally an EPSRC funded network designed to generate new fresh insights and research questions by integrating the experience, needs and expertise of the business community, government agencies and the not-for-profit sector with researchers concerned with systems approaches for managing complexity.

The impetus for the SPMC network came from Professor Ray Ison at the Systems Discipline in the Centre for Complexity & Change at the Open University and Professor Frank Stowell at University of Portsmouth, along with several major international contributors. SPMC UK North is hosted at Northumbria University. Dr Petia Sice is a convener of SPMC UK North.

SPMC aims:

  • To harness the energies of current stakeholders to develop and share expertise within the network
  • To initiate new 'networks of conversation' between systems practitioners and "joined-up" thinkers in business, public sector, NGO and industrial contexts 
  • To bring together those involved in the interfaces between human and technological systems 
  • To gain an appreciation of the need for Systems Practice and how this might be met by new research and educational initiatives
  • To enhance systems theoretical development