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Dealing with Disasters Conference (DWD 2013) / 4th Conference of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM 2013)

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The combined Dealing with Disasters 2013 and 4th Conference of the International Society for Integrated Risk Management (IDRiM) takes place at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne 4th - 6th September 2013.

The title of the conference is:

‘From Opportunity to Action: Bridging the Gap between Disaster Reduction and Development through Science(s), Technology and People Centred Actions'

 The focus of the conference builds on opportunities through science and technology, political will and behaviour change to address current crises and reduce risks for future generations.

The conference aims to address opportunities for action through varied state of the art contributions from the worlds of disaster science, technology, policy and practice. It is also open to expertise less conventionally recognised within this field. It intends to stimulate a next generation of ideas and actions for disaster reduction.

Cross-cutting themes:
The conference focus solicits papers and sessions informed by cross-cutting themes of disaster management, sustainable development, resilience building, vulnerability reduction, risk assessment and governance, risk financing, living with uncertainty, transformative processes, cultural recognition and change, poverty reduction, wellbeing, climate change adaptation, integration science, disaster communication, social sub-groups, innovation, communities of practice, and policy including dialogue from different disciplines related to risk.

We are keen to receive proposals for papers or sessions relating to the following, though other contributions associated with the conference theme absent from this list will also be considered:

  • Understanding uncertainties to reduce gaps to action
  • Using poverty led actions to address disaster risk
  • Developing public-private-civil societal-academic partnerships in disaster and development work
  • Investing in safer human habitats – safety science – post disaster reconstruction and building resilience
  • Experiential and intuitive learning in disaster and development contexts
  • Engaging demographic change – child centred and elderly persons disaster risk reduction
  • Health and wellbeing centred disaster reduction
  • Social and economic mobility, displacement and adaptation
  • Visualisation and communication in disaster risk reduction
  • Social protection, insurance and human security
  • Risk governance, education, development and collective decision making
  • 'The risk governance, scientific advisors, science and policy interface' (This theme is already identified as a Special Session - proposals for papers are invited)
  • Developing the applications of forensic science, emergency management and warning systems
  • Complex 'Natech' disasters - critical scenario development
  • A new humanitarianism 

The conference will include plenary, parallel, poster, panel, ‘young scientists’ and doctoral sessions.

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