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School of Law

The 10th Annual Forensic Research and Teaching Conference:
For forensic academics and practitioners, legal academics, law enforcement and related disciplines.

City East Campus, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

2-4th July 2014

Offers of contributions for oral presentations (20mins); workshops (60mins) and poster presentations are welcomed on any topic relevant to education and research in forensic science, and the interaction between forensic science and the law/ legal system. A poster session and exhibition are integral parts of the conference and posters are particularly welcomed from students. In line with the 2014 theme, papers on the interface between forensic science and law are particularly welcomed.

Abstracts should include: informative title; author(s); department(s); institution(s); contact email address(es) and indication of the type of contribution being offered.

Deadline for submissions: 21st February 2014.

Please email abstracts to: 

To book your place at the conference please click here.

For more information please visit the Conference website here.

12th International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference

15-17 July 2014

Palacký University, Olomouc, the Czech Republic

Optional Additional Day 18 July 2014

Prague, the Czech Republic

Clinic without Borders

In Association with the 2nd European Network of Clinical Legal Education Conference

Euro-Clinic - Is there a distinctive identity for European Clinical Legal Education?

The clinical legal education movement continues to push the boundaries. This conference will provide an opportunity for us to explore these new frontiers.

This year’s particular conference themes:

· Clinic within the wider law curriculum

· Multi-disciplinary clinics

· Virtual clinics

· The growth of clinic in Europe

· Growing clinic around the globe

· Clinics across borders – students working together around the globe

· Meeting of the UK Clinical Legal Education Organisation

Papers are also welcome in relation to standing conference themes:

· Clinical scholarship

· Reporting research findings (final or interim)

· Assessment/grading of clinical legal education – in particular: how do rubrics and other techniques help in the grading/evaluation process?

· Evidencing best practice

· New clinics and new clinicians

· Review of clinic operations

· Student and faculty attitudes to clinical learning

The International Journal of Clinical Legal Education at Northumbria University is proud to announce its 12th annual international legal education conference in conjunction with the European Network of Clinical Legal Education. Previous conferences have been held in London (2003), Edinburgh (2004), Melbourne (2005), London (2006), Johannesburg (2007), Cork (2008), Perth/Fremantle (2009), Newcastle upon Tyne (2010), Valencia (2011), Durham (2012) and Brisbane (2013). These conferences serve as a unique forum in which clinical educators from many jurisdictions come together to discuss all aspects of clinical teaching and learning, to learn from one another and to share best practice. More information is available at:

For more information please visit the Conference page here.

For details of previous conferences held by Corporate & Executive Development, please click here.