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The Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Art Prize

Entry is now closed to the 2014 Prize. If you have applied we will be in touch shortly as we process the applications 

This unique and exciting fine art prize is open to students currently in the final year of their undergraduate study.

The application form is now live and can be accessed here or by clicking the link to the right of the page. 

There is a registration fee of £10 for entries, please complete the payment online here.

Mr Wee Teng Woon a keen art collector and graduate of Northumbria University has initiated the funding of three major prizes and discretionary consolation prizes each year valued at £40,000 through his family’s foundation.

Final year undergraduates of Fine Art painting and Sculpture in the UK are invited to compete for the Art Prizes. The first call for entries will be during October 2013, with the winner of the first prize taking up their residency in September 2014.


1st Prize Woon Tai Jee Art Fellowship will  be in the form of a bursary of £20,000 to be utilised to pay the costs of the Fellowship at the BxNU Institute for Contemporary Art at BALTIC 39 the institute is the result of a collaborative partnership between BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Northumbria University. The recipient will have access to dedicated space in the BxNU institute at BALTIC 39 for the duration of the Fellowship. The winner shall also receive critical and professional development support from a mentor.

2nd Prize Lim Ai Fang Art Prize: £9,000

3rd Prize Cheong Kam Hee Art Prize: £6,000

Further prizes may also be awarded at the discretion of the judging panel.

Entries are shortlisted in February 2014 and the shortlisted artists will feature in an exhibition to take place in summer 2014 where the awards will be announced. A catalogue of shortlisted work will also be produced in conjunction with the exhibition.

We received a fantastic response to the inaugural prize during 2012/13 and the winner of the 2013 Woon Tai Jee Fellowship was Holly Hendry who graduated from the Slade School of Art and is taking her place in the Woon Tai Studio at the BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art at BALTIC 39. You can view Holly's profile at the link to the left of the page.

If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email us at