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Prof Brian Ward, Professor in American Studies

Brian’s research focuses on the mass media, popular culture, the American South, and race relations.

phone: 0191 243 7060;


Dr Ishan Ashutosh, Lecturer in American Studies 

Ishan's research focuses on immigration, South Asian diasporas, and urban studies.

phone: 0191 243 7846;


Dr Victoria Bazin, Senior Lecturer in American Literature

Victoria's research interests are in twentieth-century American poetic modernism.

phone: 0191 227 3419;

  Dr Tanja Bueltmann , Senior Lecturer in History

Tanja’s research is in British World history, focussing in particular on ethnic associationalism in the Scottish and English diasporas.

phone: 0191 227 4761; 


Dr Michael Patrick Cullinane, Senior Lecturer in History

Michael’s research interests are in the history of the United States and transatlantic relations in the early twentieth century.

phone: 0191 227 4606;


Dr Ian Davidson, Reader in English

Ian's current interest lies in space and spatialisation in modern and contemporary poetry 

phone: 0191 243 7802; 

Dr Clare Elliott, Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Clare's current research engages with Transatlantic Literary Studies in the long  nineteenth century. 

phone: 0191 227 4826;  


Prof Sylvia Ellis, Professor in International History 

Sylvia's research interests lie in post-1945 British and American political and diplomatic history.

phone: 0191 227 3736;


Dr David T. Gleeson, Reader in History 

David's research interests are in the Irish in the Atlantic World and the English Diaspora.

phone: 0191 227 3707;


Dr Nick Hayward, Principal Lecturer in Politics

Nick's research interests are in comparing British and American views of democracy, and symbolic politics and political attitudes.

phone: 0191 227 4574;


Prof Peter Hutchings, Professor in Film Studies

Peter's research interests are in film and television history; the horror film; science fiction; the thriller.

phone: 0191 227 3735;


Dr Henry Knight, Lecturer in American Studies 

Henry works in American History in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, especially race, region, environment, and expansion.

phone: 0191 243 7949;


Dr Randall Stephens, Reader in American Studies

Randall researches American religious history, United States South, Pentecostalism and American popular music  

phone: 0191 243 7848;


Dr Joe Street, Senior Lecturer in History 

Joe’s work focuses on the interaction between African American politics and culture in twentieth century.

phone: 0191 227 4182; 


Dr Julie Taylor, Lecturer in American Studies

Julie researches American and transatlantic modernism, with a focus on psychoanalysis and queer theory.

phone: 0191 277 3463;  


Dr Melanie Waters, Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature 

Melanie's research is in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American poetry. 

phone: 0191 227 3474;