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How to do Business with Northumbria University

The University encourages competition and welcomes bids from new and established suppliers. Contracts are awarded on the basis of value for money and although the University cannot discriminate in favour of local companies, it is committed to encouraging and supporting local suppliers to compete for business.

Procurement Services, a division of Northumbria's Finance department, is responsible for advising on all University purchasing matters and arranging contracts on behalf of the University (generally in excess of £50,000).

Benefits of working with the University
The benefits of working with the University is that it is fair, non-discriminatory, honest and professional in the way it selects its suppliers and awards contracts. Suppliers can benefit from working with a nationally recognised organisation that pays promptly and in line with national standards and agreed contract terms.

Northumbria University’s E-Tendering System

The University is keen to encourage the development of e-procurement in order to increase efficiency and streamline procedures. As part of this development the University has introduced an e-tendering system which enables suppliers to view contract opportunities, register an interest in a contract and receive and submit tenders online.

Where appropriate, the University’s tender opportunities for goods, services and works in excess of £100,000 are advertised via the University’s e-tendering system.

Registration is FREE and only takes a few minutes. Registered suppliers will receive email updates of relevant contract opportunities issued by the University. So whether you are an existing Northumbria University supplier or interested in working with Northumbria University in the future, please register your company on our system to ensure you never miss a relevant tender opportunity.

Guide for Suppliers

Procurement Services has produced a How to do Business Guide(pdf) to assist suppliers interested in supplying goods, services and works to the University. The guide provides suppliers with an understanding of:

  • The responsibilities for procurement within the University
  • The rules and regulations the University must comply with
  • How to bid for business

Collaborative Procurement

The University is a member of the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC). NEUPC is a Higher Education purchasing group consisting of 23 Universities who collaborate in order to combine requirements and produce regional and national contracts for goods and services. If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the NEUPC please register your company by clicking here

Business Link

Selling products or services to government bodies is a significant opportunity for all businesses - each year the public sector spends around £220 billion on goods and services.

Small to medium-sized businesses can compete successfully for public sector contracts. Public sector bodies ranging from central government departments, devolved authorities and the NHS to local authorities and the armed forces all place orders with businesses, so there may be contracts of interest to you.

To find out more please visit Business Link - Practical Advice for Business