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MyNorthumbria for Students Help

Welcome to MyNorthumbria!

What is MyNorthumbria?

MyNorthumbria is the replacement for the old Student Homepage. Rather than just a page of links, MyNorthumbria knows who you are and presents you with a single page of personalised information from our various IT systems, whenever you log in.

MyNorthumbria features (or 'applications') are contained in boxes. Some of these display personalised information (e.g. MyTimetable or MyLibrary) and others display general useful information (e.g. Terminals Available or Useful Links). Applications containing new features will be added from time to time as they are developed.

  • You can open or close an application with the ^ and  v icons.
  • To move the boxes around the screen, click the title of each application and drag.
  • You can pick your own colour scheme with the 'MyPersonalisation' application.
  • If you don't need a particular application, you can drag it to the 'Bin' area at the upper right, it will remain hidden until you move it back out.

MyNorthumbria will remember all your choices for the next time you log in.

We hope you find MyNorthumbria useful. As this is a recent development, we would like to hear any suggestions or feedback you may have - you can email us at
Any problems with MyRecords, MyEnrolment or MyLearning should be directed to the IT Helpline:

IT Services Web Team