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MyNorthumbria is a personalised web portal displaying personal information of interest to staff at Northumbria.

MyNorthumbria is available from the University homepage. In addition to displaying personalised information, staff can change or request a change to information that needs to be updated or they believe is incorrect.


Our Aim:

Our aim is to make MyNorthumbria available 99% of the time during scheduled service hours.  


If Things Go Wrong

In the event of a failure, we would respond to it in two ways:

  • A fault affecting large numbers of staff attempting to access MyNorthumbria would be responded to within 30 minutes with an expected resolution within 4 hours.
  • A fault with your individual access to MyNorthumbria would be responded to within half a working day (4 hours) with a fix expected within 2 working days depending on the nature of the fault.

How to Get Help

Click the MyNorthumbria Help link that is displayed in the Latest Info: area in MyNorthumbria.

For further help and advice please search in KnowHow at or contact the IT Helpline.