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eLearning Portal

(see also: Teaching and Learning)

The eLearning Portal (previously known as Blackboard) is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It offers a combination of learning, teaching and support materials together with new methods of communication with other students and tutors. Students can access information that is customised to their programme and support needs without having to search the University website to find information relevant to them and their studies. Programme information will be tailored to the modules a student is studying in the semester that she/he is studying it. This is possible via the student’s unique login name and password.

The eLearning Portal is accessible from the University home page. 


Some of the main features of the eLearning Portal include communication tools such as:

  • Communication between tutors and students – via email, discussion boards and virtual chat facilities both one-to-one and group-to-group. Allows students to ask questions and discuss issues related to the programme.
  • Delivery of learning resources and materials – through the provision of learning and teaching materials, images and video clips, links to other web resources, online discussions and assessment activities.
  • Shared group areas – allows designated groups of students to upload and share files as well as communicate with each other. This can be particularly useful for communication between students at different sites, e.g. NHS students while on placement in hospitals.
  • Support for students – information on the support available for students includes the Library, Accommodation, Careers & Employment and much more.
  • Student tools – individual drop down boxes and web pages for the upload of course work, electronic diaries and calendars.
  • Acts as a gateway to other web based resources via live links.

How to access the eLearning Portal

All students will automatically be given access to the eLearning Portal when they enrol. A student's programme and module information will feed through automatically from their electronic student record. The 'Introduction to the eLearning Portal' Powerpoint presentation is available on the 'New Students' tab which is accessible before you log in. The tab can be located at the top of the 'Login' page.

Student support on the eLearning Portal

Student Services, alongside other support areas in the University, have joined together to develop a student support section on the eLearning Portal.

To access this information you will need to click on the Student Services tab at the top of the of the eLearning Portal screen. You can find out more information about a particular area of Student Services by selecting the 'Enrol' button on the right side of the text relating to that particular area.

Once you have undertaken this action you will just need to click on the link to access the information.

The areas which are included in this area are:

  • Careers & Employment
  • Chaplaincy
  • Childcare
  • Counselling & Mental Health Support
  • Disability
  • Safety and Security
  • University Regulations