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Intelligent Systems Research Group

The Intelligent Systems Research Group (ISRG) undertakes internationally leading research in carefully chosen areas based on the group expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems. Specifically, the group has expertise in AI and ML for Video Surveillance, digital media Forensics and Security Imaging, stock market manipulations and swarm theory.

The group objectives are three-fold: Firstly, to focus on developing world-leading algorithms and applications for biometric data, digital media (video and images), data security and swarm application problems. Secondly, to integrate and coordinate our capabilities to deliver novel, robust computer and electronic security systems that can operate in real time, and thirdly to work alongside industry to solve real world problems for maximum impact.

Our group members have been investigators on projects funded by EPSRC, Innovate UK, Qatar QNRF, KSA NPST, alongside several UK companies.

Group Leadership:

Contact: Prof. Ahmed Bouridane

Academic Team:

Prof. Ahmed Bouridane

Dr. Neil Eliot

Dr. Fouad Khelifi

Dr. Ammar Belatreche

Dr. Martin Wonders

Dr. Mark Sinclair

Dr. Alun Moon

Dr. Ismahane Cheheb

Dr. Ashref Lawgaly

Focho Jason

Associate members:

Prof. Krishna Busawon

Prof. David Greenwood

Dr. Paul Oman

Dr. David Kendal (retired)

Dr. Michael Brockway (retired)

Current PhD students:

Jamie Ibarra Jimenez

John Cousson

Neville Bulmer

Philip Easom

Mourad Bouzegza

Farah Ahmad

Baqar Rizvi


Recently completed funded projects:


Title: A Biologically-inspired Multi-sensor and Multi-modal System for Public Security. Collaboration with Qatar University and University Sorbonne-Paris Nord (France)


Title: Automated Classification and Diagnosis of Tissue Patterns in Colorectal Tumours using Non-Visible Multispectral Imagery. Collaboration with Qatar University and Ecole Polytechnique Montreal (Canada)


Title: Intelligent System to Digitally Support Palaeographic Analysis of Ancient Manuscripts in Qatar. Collaboration with Qatar University and Ecole de Technologie Superieure Montreal (Canada)

Live funded projects:

PI in NPRP11S-0113-180276

Title: Detection of covert communications in untrusted channels. Collaboration with Qatar University

PI in NPRP12S-0312-190332

Title: Video forensics for source smartphone identification, video content authentication, and forgery detection. Collaboration with Qatar University

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