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Language, Culture and Communication

We are a group of researchers who are committed to researching and exploring current and emerging issues in healthcare communication, cultural studies and (critical) discourse analysis. We are interested in how members of a community -- whether professional, educational or voluntary -- position themselves and interact with others, and how this may contribute to community members’ individual and collective sense of identity, wellbeing and ownership of decision making.

We welcome research students in the above areas, and we are keen to establish collaborative partnerships with professional bodies for the development of research and research-led pedagogic projects in relevant fields. Interested parties please get in touch with Dr. Mimi Huang or Dr. Rachel Edwards for further discussions.

Our group members include:

Dr. Mimi Huang
Dr. Rachel Edwards
Ms. Sondos Hassan Ibrahim
Mr. Gerrit Kotzur 

Some of our recent and current research topics:

  • Health and wellbeing communication
  • Community partnerships in self-management of long-term health conditions
  • Metaphor and embodiment in the language of crisis
  • Cross-cultural metaphors of pain and pain management
  • Construction of Identity through Narratives of People with Disabilities
  • Communicating and cooperating with cancer patients 
  • Self narratives of cancer patients’ experiences
  • Partnership-building between cancer patients and oncologists
  • Applying narrative medicine to nursing studies in China
  • Narratives of stress and wellbeing in teachers of TESOL

We adopt interdisciplinary approaches to our studies. Some of these disciplines are:

  • Healthcare communication
  • Cultural studies
  • Medical humanities
  • Cognitive science (including cognitive linguistics)
  • (Critical) discourse analysis
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Applied linguistics
  • Creative writing

Recent and Current research and professional projects:

Improved Care and Better Value for People with Long Term Conditions, 2015 ERDF Funded research project. Dr. Mimi Huang (Project Lead);

Improving Patients’ First Point of Contact with Primary Healthcare Services, 2015 HEIF Funded research project. Dr. Mimi Huang (Project Lead)

Becoming Effective Communicators in Healthcare Services, 2015 TQEF Funded project. Dr. Mimi Huang (Project Lead)

Promoting Healthcare Communication through Narrative - A collaborative research project between Northumbria University, UK and Guangdong General Hospital, China.
HEIF Funded Research Project, Dr. Mimi Huang (Project Lead)

Exploring Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Communication and Exchange Programmes (Partnerships with Ming Chuan University, Taiwan)
Dr. Rachel Edwards (Project Lead)

Cross-Cultural Cognitive Metaphors of Pain and Pain Management
Funded PhD Project
Ms Sondos Hassan Ibrahim
Supervisors: Dr. Mimi Huang and Dr. Rachel Edwards

A Cognitive-Critical Examination of the Construction of Identity through Narratives of People with Disabilities
Funded PhD Project
Mr Gerrit Kotzur,
Supervisors: Dr. Mimi Huang and Dr. Rachel Edwards

Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

Research is the life blood of a University and at Northumbria University we pride ourselves on research that makes a difference; research that has application and affects people's lives.


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