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Think Physics

Think Physics is a collaborative cradle to career project led by Northumbria University, which uses physics to inspire children and young people, parents and teachers with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Thinkphysics _newAgainst a national shortage of STEM skills in the UK, and an environment where only 21% of the national higher education physics undergraduate population is female, the project was awarded £1.2 million from the Higher Education Funding Council for England’s (HEFCE) Catalyst Fund for the 3 year project to tackle these issues in the North East of England.

Think Physics is an imaginative, innovative and holistic support scheme that inspires, excites and engages children through their journey into physics and related STEM disciplines. With a focus real-world applications of science and associated career paths, Think Physics aims to:

  • increase levels of science capital in children in Think Physics partner schools.
  • increase the uptake of physics at A Level in the North East, particularly among girls and other under-represented groups.
  • increase the uptake of physics and wider STEM related disciplines , particularly among girls and other under-represented groups.

caption: Blowing BubblesNow in Year 2 Think Physics is working with 30 partner schools in 5 Local Authorities via two strands:

  • i-Think Physics works with children and young people providing in-school curriculum enrichment and interactive out-of-school workshops.
  • Think4Physics4 All works with children’s support structures – teachers, parents and families providing teacher CPD, family-centred learning workshops and city-centre events that bring STEM to new audiences.

A central outreach hub, Think Lab, has been created at Northumbria University, which complements a digital hub at

Think Physics is a collaborative venture.  The project partners include:

  • International Centre for Life
  • Institute of Physics
  • Kielder Observatory
  • Engineering Development Trust
  • North Tyneside Learning Trust
  • Engineering Development Trust
  • North Tyneside Local Education Authority
  • Gateshead Local Education Authority
  • Durham Local Education Authority
  • The North Tyneside Learning Trust,
  • and 30 primary and secondary partner schools in the North East. 

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Think Physics is being supported by £1.2 million from HEFCE’s Catalyst Fund

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