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Wind Tunnel Facilities


Open Jet Wind Tunnel

3/4 Open jet wind tunnel with a movable ground capable of yawing. The tunnel is powered by two 30kW fans and the designed working section velocity is 30m/s. Computer controlled 3-axis traverse system for measurements throughout the working section.


Computer Controlled Heave and Pitch Strut

Model mounting strut capable of applying arbitrary heave and pitch angle to a connected model.

64 Channel High Speeder Pressure Scanner

Temperature corrected high speed pressure scanner with built in multiplexer, purge line. Capable of scan rates up to 500Hz scan rates.

Pilot Static and Multi Holed Pressure Holes

Various pressure probes for measuring single and multicomponent velocity data.

Load Measurement

Balances and load cells are available for measuring single and multi-axis forces and moments.

Data acquisition and software:

National Instruments DAQ

A number of high fidelity analogue and digital I/O systems controlled using in house developed measurement and analysis software.

HPC Software

Star-CCM+ and OpenFOAM available on HPC cluster capable of running on 100 cores for CCM+ and up to 700 cores for OpenFOAM.


Prof Laurent Dala Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Environment, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ST Email:

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