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Social Economy, Entrepreneurship and Social Cause

Increasingly social economy organisations (voluntary and community organisations, charities, co-operatives, credit unions, public service mutuals, and social enterprises) with a focus on social and economic well-being of individuals, communities, and regions are emerging to address market/policy failures and making key contributions to economic equity and social development.

This research area brings together academics, practitioners and students  with an interest in social cause driven policy, innovation, and entrepreneurship regionally, nationally and internationally.

Dr Sanjay Bhowmick: social cause venturing, innovation, entrepreneurship, firm internationalisation

Recent publication: Bhowmick, S. (2011) Social cause venturing as a distinct domain. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 2 (1). pp. 99-111

This paper argues for the need to research social venturing as a domain distinct from traditional commercial entrepreneurship. Through an illustrative account of Aravind Eye Hospital (India)  as an archetype of sustainable social cause venture, the paper makes a case for a rethinking of social enterprise as ‘social cause venturing’, ie acting for a social mission, and helps to build theory in this new field of research.

Dr Jan Myers: social economy, public policy, public service mutuals, third sector & social enterprise

Recent publication: Myers, J. & MacDonald, Martha (2014) Reciprocal Relationships: the role of government and the social economy in co-production of social policy in Atlantic Canada. Canadian Public Policy, 40 (XL S1). S17-S25

This paper reports on research exploring the contribution to social policy of social economy organisations (SEOs) in Atlantic Canada. The Social Economy & Sustainability project was part of a pan-Canadian research  network funded by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council.

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