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Our Research Priorities and Projects

IPPAM's research priorities are as follows:

  • Globalisation, Europeanization and public policy.
  • International and Supranational governance, administration and policy.
  • Comparative perspectives on national governance, public policy and public sector reform.
  • Regional and local governance, community governance and resilience, Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships, and coping with cuts: cutback management and policy termination.
  • The governance and management of performance in public services.

Researchers in the centre are engaged in such areas as:

  • International governance and administration, with a specific focus on investigating the dynamic interactions between bureaucratic leadership and institutional design in international organisation.
  • European governance, focusing research questions such as: are elective institutions in the EU stuck in the ‘joint decision trap’? Are new governance arrangements centred on non-majoritarian institutions like the European Central Bank emerging, and with what implications for EU governance and accountability?
  • Comparative public management and the influence of administrative traditions, by addressing research questions such as: what is the influence of the past on the options available for reforming the public sector and leading it into the future?
  • National reforms (e.g. The UK Open Public Services Reform White Paper) and the impact of the UK Coalition government’s Big Society agenda on both public and third sector organisations.
  • The reorganisations of the National Healthcare Services.
  • Local governance and community resilience, by analysing issues such as the extent to which community resilience has been developed as a coherent policy agenda, in the north east, throughout the UK and beyond, and its strategic significance.
  • Local government, local elective leadership and public participation.
  • Local government, partnerships and faith and belief groups, by investigating the methods by which local authorities are working with faith and belief communities, also with the purpose of identifying transferable knowledge, good practice and learning.
  • Party politics and the changing role of local government.
  • The governance of complex technical systems in the energy industry, by analysing policy questions such as how government can use various policy tools to manage these systems

Our staff collaborates and is engaged in steering roles with institutions such as the United Nations Studies Association, the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA), or the Institute for Local Governance. The research centre combines a strong international orientation with solid and profound roots in the investigation of governance, public policy and public administration in the North east of England.

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Research at Northumbria

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