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Find a Friend

It is easy to lose contact with old friends and it is more important than before to reach out to schedule that long overdue catch up and take a trip down memory lane to relive your University experience. The Alumni Association can help you to make contact with long lost friends by providing a Find a Friend service to support you to maintain these important connections

How we can help to Find a Friend

We ask you to contact us with details of the friend you want to find. For us to support you in the best way possible, please can you provide us with information, including full name, graduation year and programme of study and we can search our records to understand if we could make contact. When you contact us to Find a Friend, please include a personal note or brief update on what you have been up to for us to forward to your friend should we have details.

For GDPR purposes, we will be unable to confirm if we have details of your Find a Friend but we will be able to forward the message on your behalf. So your friend can respond, please do include your preferred contact details which we will share with your personalised message.


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