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Giving Tuesday appeal supports those most in need

In November 2022, Northumbria University's Giving Tuesday campaign raised over £7000 to support students enduring financial hardship across the University community. This funding will provide direct and essential support to those most affected by the ongoing cost of living crisis and will help to ensure that all students are able to make the most of their Northumbria University experience regardless of their social or economic circumstances.

Across the month long campaign over 100 alumni from 16 countries pledged their support and donated the cost of a cup of coffee to support those most in need. 

Here is why some of donors chose to support our appeal...


Jennifer Childs - Giving Tuesday 2022 Donor


"I benefited from a fee free programme of study between 1986 and 1989. I loved my time at what was then Newcastle Polytechnic. My father provided funds to help with my living costs but it was a financial stretch for him. Our own son graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2022. We were able to financially support his living costs but we are acutely aware that many families just can't do this, even before the cost of living increases this year. I'm giving back because I benefited from a free education and I want other students to see how life chances can be improved with education, which needs to be accessible. My husband and I were the first members of our families to go into higher education.  Accessibility and finding needs to be fair for all."

Jennifer Childs, Business Studies and Finance Graduate 1989 

 Holly Smedley - Giving Tuesday 2022 Donor

"I believe in providing equal opportunities for all to get the best out of people for their own sake and for the good of the whole society."

Holly Smedley, Business Studies Graduate 1993

 Babatune Cassim Adepegba - Giving Tuesday 2022 Donor  

"I understand challenges of students with limited resources because I have experienced it and it is an honour to have an opportunity to chip in"

Babatunde Cassim Adepegba, Cyber Security Technology Graduate 2021

 Eddie Wong - Giving Tuesday 2022 Donor  

"I wanted to share some supports to the young students who are in needs as a give back"

Eddie Wong, Information Technology Graduate 2017

If you would like to find out more about what is being done to support those encountering financial hardship across the Northumbria University community, please click here 

To follow in the footsteps of the alumni above and make a donation to our Hardship campaign, please click here 

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