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Invest in Research through PhD Studentships

We live in a changing and increasingly challenging world and we need to find new and innovative ways of dealing with global challenges.

We conduct ground-breaking research that is responsive to the science and technology, health and wellbeing, economic and social and cultural needs of the communities. Through world-leading research, education and innovation, Northumbria University is pledged to transforming lives and making a powerful contribution. That’s why we’re tackling real world questions for real world impact.

By sharing knowledge and expertise, our researchers are seeking innovative solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges, creating successful, multi-disciplinary research projects that make an impact nationally and internationally.

How you can help

  • A gift of £3,000 per year could provide a scholarship to a student on one of our taught postgraduate programmes.
  • A Collaborative Studentship gift of £10,000 could support one annual PhD studentship with a required pledge support of £30,000 for the full 3 year PhD term.
  • A Fully funded studentship of £20,000 will fully fund one annual PhD studentship with a required pledge support of £60,000 for the full 3 year PhD term. 


Personalise a PhD Studentship to your Interests

in recognition of your support, donors will be able to choose a name for their studentship with opportunity to pay as a single gift or planned over the three years of study. Named studentships recognise our donors and add prestige, You will be sent a profile of the students when they start their courses and an update at the end of each academic year for which they have been provided funding. You can select the discipline closest to your own degree or business interest, or we can advise you of where there is the greatest need.

Achieve Greater Impact through Tax Effective Charitable Giving

Through tax effective charitable giving, you can claim back the difference between the higher rates of tax and the basic rate on the total value of your donation. For example, if you pay the 40% rate, a donation of £1,600 (+ Gift Aid = £2,000) allows you to recover £400, so the donation costs you only £1, 200 net, but Northumbria University receives £2,000.


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