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Scholarships and Studentships

For academically able students from low-income backgrounds, the biggest worry isn’t achieving the grades they need to secure a place at Northumbria, but how they’ll afford the living costs while they study. 

That's why we want to support students on their journey to access, succeed and progress at Northumbria University. We know this is especially important for students from under-represented groups to ensure financial barriers, such as reduced government funding, fear of debt and low family income, are not the deciding factors when choosing to study, or progress to a higher level of study, at Northumbria.

How you can help


Approximately 40% of our students are from under-represented backgrounds, and 65% are from North-East England where school attainment and routes into Higher Education are the lowest nationally.

Supporting a student with a scholarship of £2,000 to study at foundation or undergraduate level can provide crucial assistance with living costs.


Fear of increasing tuition fee debt and lessening access to wider finance to support living costs, often means that students from under-represented backgrounds are less likely to continue their studies at postgraduate level. 

Supporting a student to succeed in their learning journey at postgraduate level with a donation of £9,825 per annum, provides £3,500 for living costs and £6,325 for tuition fees.


With your help we can support students from under-represented groups to progress to PhD study at Northumbria. A donation of £15,000, match-funded by the University, will support tuition fees and living costs for one year.

Personalise a Scholarship or Studentship to Match Your Interests

To recognise your support, the University will work with you to choose a name for your scholarship or studentship. For your donation, you can select the discipline closest to your degree or business interest, or we can provide advice on where there is the greatest need.

Donations can be made as a single payment or in instalments.

Achieve Greater Impact Through Tax Effective Charitable Giving

Through tax effective charitable giving, you can claim back the difference between the higher rates of tax and the basic rate on the total value of your donation. For example, if you pay tax at the 40% rate, a donation of £1,600 (+ Gift Aid = £2,000) allows you to recover £400, so the donation costs you £1,200 net, and Northumbria University receives £2,000.


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