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Alumni Telethon Campaign

Northumbria University’s Spring Alumni Telethon will be taking place from the 25 April - 15 May 2022. Over the course of the campaign, our team of student callers will reach out to over 4,000 Northumbria Alumni to seek support for our Higher Education without Barriers Campaign.

While raising funds is the primary purpose of the calls, they also provide a unique opportunity for current students to interact with graduates and hear about where life has taken them since they graduated. In many cases, students can gain valuable advice and inspiration for their own future careers.

To find out more about the Telethon or to request a call please email


Meet our Student Call Team:


My name is Ayub and I'm studying MSc Business Analytics. It is a one-year program and so far my experience has been truly amazing. Besides studying I like to read books, meet new people, play football and stream video games. 

Working as a Student Caller has been a wonderful opportunity as I enjoy both speaking with alumni from my field, as well as raising their awareness of the campaigns they can support at Northumbria University.

Additionally, I received the best advice I've heard from a graduate who told me "keep an eye out for opportunities, and once you find one, take it with both hands and work hard towards turning it into a successful one".

 Student Caller Ayub

Ahsan Zafeer

I am an MSc Digital Marketing student working as a Student Inclusion Consultant, Research Assistant, a Student Union volunteer, a Student Advice volunteer, and a Telethon campaign team member with the University.

Aside from working part-time at the university, I love exploring new interests, training as a part of the Northumbria University Boxing Team and creating digital content."

My experience as part of the telethon campaign has been phenomenal. I've had the chance to talk to graduates at the helm of organisations forging the future. I've felt motivated, awestruck and fired up to imitate some of the successes I have come to know.

An unforgettable piece of advice I received from a graduate was "a dream does not turn into reality simply by desire. It takes determination, learning from failures, and hard work". 

 Ashan Zafeer Khan


I am an MSc Marketing student working as a Outreach Rep at the university, as well as a Student Caller in the ongoing Telethon Campaign. My experience at the university has been truly fantastic. I enjoy books and the arts, as well as exploring and travelling. 

I really enjoy working as a student caller, primarily because it gives me the opportunity to develop clear and concise communication and conversation skills, in an avenue that supports and promotes the wellbeing of Northumbria Universities students. 

While on this campaign, I have had many profound conversations, and one of the best pieces of advice I received from an alum was “Don’t limit yourself to one path because your greatness may lie in another”.






 Student Caller Susanna

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Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

Research is the life blood of a University and at Northumbria University we pride ourselves on research that makes a difference; research that has application and affects people's lives.

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