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Regular Gifts







Help us plan for tomorrow.

Regular gifts allow us to plan for the future with confidence, knowing that thanks to the continued generosity of our donors, we can support our students when they need it the most. 

All gifts, however small, can have a life changing impact on students studying at Northumbria. 


Supporting students

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first took hold like many organisations we were required  to close our buildings and many students found that they didn’t have the right resources at home to enable them to effectively continue their studies. 

Fortunately, we were able to support students by funding equipment and resources to enable to them to study effectively at home.  

Gemma, a nursing student and mother of two, was one of the students we were able to help. When the campus closed and all of her teaching and learning was moved online, Gemma began to struggle to keep up. She had a laptop at home, but it was being used by both of her children, one of which was studying for exams.  Worries about falling behind combined with the financial strain of the pandemic, caused a lot of stress.  

Thanks to the kindness of our supporters, we were able to provide Gemma with a grant to purchase a laptop. 


“it’s such a relief to have the laptop so I can work from home and do all my learning online. Things are so much better and it’s working well – I’m not sure how my stress levels would have been if things had carried on the way they were. Now I can look forward to becoming a qualified health visitor.” 


Make a difference 

Regular gifts contribute to the Alumni Fund, which aims to provide support to students experiencing hardship.  By donating to the fund,you can help us to ensure that ability, not affordability, is the determining factor when deciding to enter higher education and that the brightest new talents get their chance to shine. 

£25 could help a student purchase vital books or resources 

£50 could help a student cover their travel costs to and from University 

£100 could help a low income student purchase suitable clothing for a work placement 

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