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Jack Bousfield

Career Path: Technical Support Administrator, Esri UK
Location: York, United Kingdom

What are you doing now?

I now work for the Technical Support team at Esri UK where we assist our customers to resolve their day to day GIS software related issues, be these licensing problems or issues mapping out different sets of data

What was it about Northumbria that made you decide to study here?

The city is fantastic. The atmosphere and types of people that come here are also great making it hard to choose anywhere else. I also think that the courses and lecturers are excellent and make for a fun yet educating 3 years.

What was it like studying at Northumbria?

On my course I mainly went to lectures however we also conducted seminars and presentation modules to allow us to develop for later career progression. The lecturers here help you to study things that you are interested in and suit projects to your strengths.

What impressed you most about our academic staff?

My main positive regarding the academic staff is that they are so interested in their own subject. This makes them extremely passionate talking about it and makes you concentrate harder I think.

How connected was your course with industry?

My course was very connected with where I work now. In final year I got onto a GIS work placement where my skills could be tested and put onto my CV for later benefits. Guest lecturers were not involved for this particular industry however they did come into other modules.

How did studying at Northumbria help you achieve your career goals/give your career an edge?

The skills that you gain at Northumbria don't necessarily feel like much while you are studying however once you have graduated it really feels like you have a lot to offer. Don't underestimate yourself in terms of interviews either because if you prepare yourself well enough you can justify yourself working in different industries.

What was the best thing about your course?

The best thing about my course was the people and the trips. In Geography we went on several field trips. One was to the South of Spain where we studied geological features and different land use techniques and this was fantastic. I also completed abroad year in America which allowed me to see the way they teach across the pond and to travel around there for a year.

Which skills/ knowledge did you learn on your course that you use most now throughout your career?

Obviously I use GIS skills every day but more generally the course has allowed me to improve working in a team, presenting, report writing and just improved my IT skills as a whole

What did you enjoy most about your time at Northumbria University?

As mentioned, I enjoyed the trips a great deal. Also living in Newcastle is a huge benefit. I would advise that most people move to Jesmond without hesitation in second year because it is buzzing.

What advice would you give somebody who is thinking of studying at Northumbria?

I would say if the course looks right for you then go for it. You will develop as a person and make some friends for life.

How would you describe your time at Northumbria in three words?

Exciting, interesting and endearing.

For more information about me see:

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