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Sophie Anand

What appealed to you about Northumbria University?

I am originally from a very small town in Hertfordshire, so when I was applying for Universities, I wanted a change and a chance to experience a city lifestyle. Northumbria University stood out for me in terms of the course, academic reputation and location. My mind was set once I had attended an Open day as I immediately fell in love with the place and couldn’t imagine going to University anywhere else.Human-Biosciences_Alumni_Sophie Anand

What was it about the course that particularly appealed?

I’ve always been interested in biology and had known that I wanted to pursue a career in this field for a long time. I initially looked at the Biomedical Science degree, but decided that Human Biosciences was better suited for me as an individual. Human Biosciences is run alongside the Biomedical Science degree so they are very similar, however Human Biosciences gives you the option to take various modules that are not available to Biomedical Science students.

What qualifications did you have?

I came to University with 11 GCSEs, an AS level in Art and four A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Religious studies and General studies. I applied via UCAS with the help of my secondary school.

What did you like most about the course?

I liked that the content of the course was divided between theory and laboratory sessions.  It allowed us to apply what we’d learnt in lectures to practical situations.  My tutors were all very approachable and would always offer help if I needed it. They were extremely knowledgeable about their respective areas so their insight was always very useful.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working full time at a Recruitment Agency for medical locums. I am in charge of the administration and payroll for the GP department. In conjunction with working I am also looking into work experience opportunities in medical journalism.

How has your degree at Northumbria helped with this?

My time at Northumbria has given me a great deal. The experience of University in general has allowed me to prove to myself that I can achieve the things I want to. I am grateful to the University as it has allowed me to develop a strong work ethic which is useful in any job. Also, due to high competition for jobs at the minute, being a graduate definitely aided me in getting my current position.

Having a science degree has opened doors to a large number of career possibilities, more so than I realised when I first chose the course. Now it’s just a matter of choosing the path I want to take.

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