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Rebecca Hutchinson

Rebecca Hutchinson WebWhat is your current role?

Junior Interior Designer at Dalziel and Pow.

What aspects of your degree course best prepared you for the transition from a student to a professional designer?

Live projects and presenting to industry professionals really helped as you had to create a professional impression as they acted as if they where your client. I also found practice interviews helped a lot, you don’t realise how many um and erms there are until you’re on camera! 

How does working in a studio at university compare to working styles in industry?

I actually find them to be quite similar - apart from you have a computer at your desk.

What skill do you feel is the most relevant for working in design industry?

All skills are equally relevant - however sketching is a great skill to have and maintain as it allows you to communicate ideas quickly and can be done anywhere.

What is your big ambition for the future?

Not the big picture, but one for the near future - I’m excited to see my first design to become reality.

If you had to give a young designer one piece of advice what would it be?

Manage your time efficiently. Work out what needs to be done and create an effective/realistic time scale in which to do it - nobody wants to work all hours of the night so push yourself from the beginning, not just at the end. 

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