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Chloe Moloney

Career Path: Social Media Executive, Visualsoft
Location: UK

Describe your current role and responsibilitiesChloe Moloney

Responsible for managing multiple clients, my role here at Visualsoft is to focus on growth acceleration of sales and developing audience engagement on relevant social media networks for a wide range of different e-commerce trading sectors. Through creating stand-out client social channels, brands are able to be placed above competitors by increasing online presence through brand promotion techniques. Continuous analysis allows us to understand what works well for each e-commerce client and to understand their audience and customer.

Why did you decide to study Fashion Communication at Northumbria?

Local to home and had a large range of modules in the degree

What are the most useful skills that Fashion Communication taught you?

Time management, public relations, creative writing, brand development & marketing.

What is the one piece of advice you would give this year’s graduates?

Always create work that you’re passionate about, it really shows through, don’t go with what you THINK people will want to see. Career wise, don’t worry about the future, and don’t worry about having to live in a big city. This course gives you the skills to work in so many sectors. I decided to stay in my hometown and I am proud of where I am. If you want to move away then great, if you want to stay at home then you will always find something.

Describe Fashion Communication in three words:

Amazingly supportive tutors, creative freedom, and a bunch of knowledge to be learned.

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