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Henry Marks

Henry WebWhat is your current role?
3D Freelance Designer - Visualisation, Detail, & Project Management.

What aspects of your degree course best prepared you for the transition from a student to a professional designer?
Learning the basic skills in the Key software programs was vital for me to stand out amongst the crowd, CAD/AutoCad and 3D Studio Max gave me opportunities to grow within a company and develop my skills. 

How does working in a studio at university compare to working styles in industry?
I have been lucky to work in very sociable atmospheres around very talented designers. It’s a rougher ride working to extremely tight deadlines but at university you sometimes take that time for granted.

What skill do you feel is the most relevant for working in design industry?
All skills learnt are equally as important, to become an all round designer you need to be proficient in everything. For me, 3D Max was something I really enjoyed so I naturally wanted to excel in visualisation. 

What has been your biggest achievement since graduation?
My main achievement was designing the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Indonesia 'MaCAN due open 2016. Designing a permanent gallery for the Imperial WarMuseum at Duxford ‘Historic Duxford’ was also a great honour.

What aspect of the profession do you feel you do best?  
Concept design is always the fun part, coming up with creative ideas, sketching and producing visuals. 

If you had to give a young designer one piece of advice what would it be?
Excel yourself, you can achieve more than you can imagine if you put your head on straight. Through the increasing use of computer software don’t loose touch of your drawing skills, the industry is very tough at the moment and you need to give everything you can to stand out of a crowd. If you can draw well and produce amazing visuals than you can impress anyone, having the eye for design is crucial!

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