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Jack Marwood

Career Path: Visual Merchandiser - Food and Restaurants, Selfridges
Location: UK

 Describe your current roles and responsibilities.Jack Marwood

I daily check the standards of the food hall and concessions, making sure that they are kept to the level I have specified. Regularly, I will be installing a display to support the launch of a new product, buying props and creating a story that will make the customers want to buy. The rest of my day is designing the large scale schemes that launch in the food hall, such as calendar events like Easter to our summer scheme, which this year is all about food fashion 'drops', alongside the graphics and buying departments.

Why did you decide to study Fashion Communication at Northumbria?

I wanted a course that covered a range of skills as I wasn't fully committed to one career at the time and wanted the freedom to explore different areas and industry.

What are the most useful skills that Fashion Communication taught you?

To be confident in myself and my own work. When starting in a job it can be quite daunting to speak your mind and share your opinions as you fear you'll be wrong and laughed at. Fashion Communication taught me to take ownership of these ideas and run with them.

Did you get any work experience / internships while studying?

I completed a summer internship at a gourmet pesto brand for a few weeks, however I would say that an internship is not always necessary. I think if it is right for you, a lot of employers equally love to see your passionate projects.

What is the one piece of advice you would give this year’s graduates?

Explore as much as you can. Read anything and everything and take the time to find yourself.

Describe Fashion Communication in three words:

Diverse Toolkit.

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