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Michael Robson

It was a great course and focusing hard on what I wanted to achieve led me to the great field I'm in today

What are you doing now?

I head up the Competitive Intelligence and Current Awareness functions at Linklaters, a leading global law firm. As a global role I'm responsible for providing decision ready information to the firm's partners to help inform major business decisions. I'm also responsible for research that ends up in the public domain as part of our thought leadership programme.

What was it about Northumbria that made you decide to study here?

It wasn't too far from home, it had a great programme for my course offering the variety of topics and key skills for the profession, led by an amazing team with a wealth of experience behind them. The brilliant facilities made the studying enjoyable and an overall great experience.

What was it like studying at Northumbria?

The experience was great, a good mix of self led learning, seminars, lectures, practical experience and group projects. Mixing with people from other courses for some lectures meant you got a wide base of people to work with and draw ideas from.

What impressed you most about our academic staff?

The staff were incredibly friendly making them approachable. They'd challenge you to achieve your best in all areas of work and even provided friendly support once I'd graduated.

How connected was your course with industry?

There was a six week placement during the course which allowed me to put into practice some of the skills I'd acquired while studying at Northumbria, a study tour to see how the profession fitted within big organisations and the course was overseen by people in the industry to ensure it stayed focussed and on point.

How did studying at Northumbria help you achieve your career goals/give your career an edge?

Studying at Northumbria served as the foundation on which I have gone on to build my career. There isn't a week goes by when I don't use one of the practical skills I picked up at Northumbria or think back to the many fond memories of university life.

What was the best thing about your course?

The people, students and faculty alike, everyone was very collegiate and it made it feel like one big family.

Which skills/knowledge did you learn on your course that you use most now throughout your career?

Presentation skills is probably the main thing I use most frequently coupled with skills picked up in marketing and communication techniques.

What advice would you give somebody who is thinking of studying at Northumbria?

Go for it, you wont regret it. The place gives you back what you put in. If you're focused and dedicated, they'll give you all the support you need to excel.

How would you describe your time at Northumbria in 3 words?

Memorable, collaborative, exciting

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