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Norzulaiha Binti Rahim

Career Path: Graphic Designer, Brand Geeks
Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia

I am a junior graphic designer, working with a branding and marketing consultant agency. As an animation graduate, I realise that what I've been learning during uni days can actually be used in graphic design industry. I started my career by becoming an animation trainer for Autism and Down Syndrome students but during this time, I realise that I wanted to learn more about creative industry. That marks the start of my journey as a graphic designer today.

What are you doing now?Norzulaiha Binti Rahim

I am currently a Junior Graphic Designer at Brand Geeks Inc. One of Malaysia's branding and marketing consultant agencies that provide branding services to startups and big companies.

What was it about Northumbria that made you decide to study here?

Northumbria was suggested by my education consultant because of its friendly and affordable city as well as the facilities provided in the University.

What was it like studying at Northumbria?

Studying at Northumbria gave me a chance to observe how different the studying-culture is in a European country. Staff lecturers are so friendly and understanding - made it easier for me to communicate and convey my messages regarding projects I made. Not to mention the combination of an old and modern building, Northumbria will always held a special place in my heart. It was exciting and I would love to repeat it again!

How connected was your course with industry?

I didn't have any placements but my course did have a project that we need to complete for D&AD Awards. This project tests my research and practical skills. Although I did not have the chance to attend the D&AD Awards in London, I am still proud to be part of the participants!

What was the best thing about your course?

The fascinating projects we worked on. The Animation course, for me, gave us a chance to plays with our imagination and turning it into something that other people could see and feel. It is like you're sharing your ideas, and your feelings with other people. It was the most intimate sharing that allow people to have an idea of who we are as an individual.

How did studying at Northumbria help you achieve your career goals/ give your career an edge?

Studying in Northumbria helps me to really go for things I want to do. To not be afraid of trying something new and believe that I can do it too.

Which skills/knowledge did you learn on your course that you use most now throughout your career?

Research skills on how to develop a concept idea. To come with great ideas, as animation students, research is the first thing to do and that is what I do now, having to work with various clients.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Northumbria University?

Fencing experience. I got to participate and represent Northumbria University in Fencing Sport. Although we didn't win, fencing with the Northumbria Team and becoming part of NU Team had become one of my valuable memory at Northumbria University.

What advice would you give somebody who is considering studying at Northumbria?

Go for it. You'll never regret it. I've been secretly suggesting to my friend to enrol to Northumbria if she wants to pursue her master in the UK.

How would you describe your time at Northumbria in three words?

Fascinating. Wonderful. Meaningful.

For more information about me visit:

  • Facebook - lillyzulaiha

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