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Sarah Semple

"In one fleeting year we worked on collaborative projects with Mars, Unilever, Bowers & Wilkins and British Airways. This meant delving into 4 entirely different industries, learning everything and anything about chocolate to what makes the average business traveller tick. Needless to say I came out of the year filled with knowledge about things I never would've imagined...and filled with chocolate."

"MDI is a pretty special degree, it's not about individual study, it's about team work and doing real projects for clients who depend on you -a taster of the real working world."

"I joined MDI straight after graduating from my BA (Design for Industry), it formed the perfect transitional year that took me from design undergrad, to multidisciplinary professional."

"If you're unsure whether to return to uni to join MDI ...toss a coin, then do it anyway."

"Every member of the team brought something different to the table, which made for a real balance of learning and sharing, a comfortable environment, where I believe everyone felt valued."

"It was one of the best decisions of my life to join MDI, hands down."

"Two of our collaborative projects involved targeting emerging markets; I now work for a branding consultancy in China, where I'm figuring out this crazy exciting market in person, who knows where I would've been otherwise?"

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