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Brian Tarbit

Career History: 

Welwyn Electrics Ltd., Bedlington Quality Control chemist
Winthrop Laboratories (Sterling Health) Newcastle - Analyst
St. Bennet Biscop R.C. High School, Bedlington Laboratory Technician
Newcastle University (Department of Organic Chemistry) Research Technician
Fine Organics Ltd. (Manufacturer of finechemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates - Senior Chemist
Fine Organics Ltd. (Manufacturer of finechemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates - Production Manager
McFarlane Smith Group Leader of fine chemicals
Great Lakes Chemical (Europe) Ltd.Development Manager
SynGal General Manager
Seal Sands Chemicals Ltd R&D Director
Cambrex Group R&D Director
Rutherford Chemicals Group R&D Director
Vertellus Specialties (UK) Ltd Global Commercial Manager
Chemoxy International Ltd Global Technical & Commercial Development Manager

What are you doing now?

I began in analytical, then R&D, moved to plant management, even building a whole GMP from scratch with (at the time) state of the art equipment and cutting edge technologies, such as the third cryogenic reactor going to -80C. I then moved back into organic chemistry, focusing on the chemistry marketing and business

What was it like studying at Northumbria?

I could relate the chemistry back to my job, and because it was relevant, perhaps understood easier and maintained consistent interest in most of my lectures and excelled in practical classes because of my working knowledge in industry.

What impressed you most about our academic staff?

They were helpful and responsive

How connected was your course with industry?

Most of the course was based around synthetic chemistry, and at the time, I was working in a contract manufacturing organisation that was doing all types of different chemistries, so I could relate to a lot of the chemistry.

How did studying at Northumbria help you achieve your career goals/give your career an edge?

It made me more focused, and doing the studies part time, made me more driven, and prepared to put in the effort.

What was the best thing about your course?

The breadth of basic knowledge that supported what I was doing at the time

How would you describe yourself in 3 words before coming to Northumbria?

Hungry to learn

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