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Laura Tordoff

Career Path: Designer, Aesthetica Magazine
Location: UK

Describe your current role and responsibilities.

I'm the sole designer at Aesthetica, so I'm responsible for everything from editorial layout and marketing materials, to digital graphics and all events materials. Alongside the magazine, Aesthetica also hold the Aesthetica Art Prize and exhibition each year, as well at the BAFTA-Recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival. We also work with Apple's marketing team and I've produced website mock-ups that are currently being used to promote iPads, iMacs and MacBooks online and during their keynote speeches.

Why did you decide to study Fashion Communication at Northumbria?

I knew I wanted to work in the creative industry, however I wasn't sure exactly which area when I first started university. I loved how Fashion Communication covered a wide range of topics, from branding and graphic design, to events planning, video content and trend forecasting. I think all of these aspects are important in any creative field, and it was a great opportunity to try new things and finally decide which area I wanted to pursue in the future.

What are the most useful skills that Fashion Communication taught you?

Editorial layout (Definitely!). events planning and the portfolio module in the final year has been really invaluable. I've come across creative interns in recent years who haven't had any training in building a portfolio, how to do well in interviews or generally prepare for after graduation. This module really helped me to practice all of these skills and I left far more confident because of it.

Did you get any work experience / internships while studying?

I complied in a few freelance graphic design jobs during the summer to build my portfolio, and interned for Johnstons of Elgin just after graduation.

What is the one piece of advice you would give this year’s graduates?

Don't compare yourself to other graduates/students! We've all ended up doing completely different creative roles, and have worked to our varying strengths.

Describe Fashion Communication in three words:

Varied, Challenging, Supportive.

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