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Jon Uria

Please tell us about your career path since leaving Northumbria.

After finishing my degree in Northumbria Uni I came back to my country to find a job according to my preparation. I joined a company called Conservas Dentici, S.L. in the sales department. Specially national accounts management and some international customers too.

Please tell us about your current job and what it involves.

I am part of the sales team of Manufacturas GRE, S.A. I am involved in the market diversification plan, therefore I am responsible of new market opportunities development dealing with new customers, and developing markets with low presence. What I most enjoy in my job is the possibility to develop my career in a worldwide range company, and personally, the possibility to deal and actuate in multicultural schemes.

What made you choose Northumbria University?

The polly was one of the choices that my uni in Spain gives us, and according to my career aims it was the most suitable study plan. Afterwards, I found a very big uni with thousands of possibilities, not only in my future building, but the personal development got there is being determinant in my professional performance.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

Because the English skills are a must in the international trade area, and it is the way I was trying to focus my life. In fact, my English level is being absolutely useful.

What was your favourite thing about your course and/or Northumbria University?

The possibility to work with worldwide students. The program can be taught everywhere, besides, the atmosphere and diversity made the course more and more interesting.

What societies/activities did you take part in outside of your studies?

Unfortunately I did not be as active as I shall be in this terms, it is a point that I really miss now, when I am back and found that I waste a chance to make more relations there.

How would you describe the city of Newcastle as a place to live and study?

Perfect city to live in the first 10 working years, good size, live place, … not very helpful to study, parties every night, everywhere!

In one sentence, sum up your time here at Northumbria.

Once-in-a-lifetime chance to develop myself

If you have one, please describe a fond or positive memory of your time at Northumbria

I will never forget my flatmates from “FOXRIVER”, even more, we keep doing a yearly meeting somewhere around Europe, at least the European part of the family. Honestly, I had a family there during my stay. (I was accommodated in Lovaine Flats).

What professional achievement are you most proud of since leaving university?

I am actually involved and specialized in Internationalization, so, every time a reach new market, with a new customer, it is a really motivating and fulfilling.

What career objectives do you still have?

I would like to achieve some managing post, some department head would be nice too.
How have your experiences at Northumbria University helped your life and career so far?
I am much more open minded after worked if European classmates, Asian flatmates, and worldwide friends done, in fact, my point of view of other countries, cultures and persons, is very different, before and after my adventure in NBS.

What advice would you give students who wish to pursue a similar career to yours?

Never say no! Go ahead and there is always to take advantage of, I mean, something positive and makes you learn.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying at Northumbria University?

HOWAY MAN! Just go and enjoy, you will learn by yourself…

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