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Val Wigham

“The coordination of CPD courses is my responsibility as Deputy Head Teacher at Kenton School; I must align the school’s development course, with the progression of all of our staff. It is extremely important that the school creatively increases the skills and qualities of associate staff; they are approximately 50% of the workforce. Consequently, my aim was to utilise an undergraduate and postgraduate course, which would be appropriate for both teaching and
associate staff.“

"After undertaking research it was clear that the Professional Practice Awards (PPA) course at Northumbria University suited the professional needs of the individual learners; whilst enhancing the development needs of Kenton School as an organisation. At first students focus on their learning contracts, and then have the choice of using a work based project, independent study or work based investigation to complete their studies."

“Staff appreciate the full range of CPD activities, those designed to fulfil short-term needs and the access to extension activities will help their longer-term careers. Several members of staff commented that their leaders had plans for them beyond those they had for themselves; this was meant in a positive way. Our staff show consistent enthusiasm to improving the school; due to their continuous improvement and common aspirations to work together to make Kenton ‘world class’. The PPA will develop and grow this strength of staff support, through the continuous growth of Kenton School."

“The issues facing Kenton School are a reflection of the national picture, in terms of leadership recruitment and development; therefore it is vital to choose the appropriate development opportunities for staff. Succession planning offers a real opportunity to meet the leadership challenges of the future and Kenton’s role, through the development of skilled teaching and associate staff through the PPA, will aim to develop a sustainable leadership capacity leading our learners into the future."

“I believe we have significant capability to help colleagues in Kenton and other schools; the process of undertaking PPA will facilitate Kenton to complete the next stage of its development towards becoming a world class school.”

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