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Sport, Health and Wellbeing that pushes the boundaries for all

#TakeOnTomorrow Champion the Challengers

Ensuring the health and wellbeing for all remains a prevalent societal challenge. By engaging our student population in active sports participation at Northumbria we not only create a better student experience, but also help to set people up for success into the future.

Sport also provides a catalyst to equip leaders of tomorrow and provide the experiences, skills and ambition to challenge what is possible. Through our facilities, staff and partners we inspire students to discover the power of sport to enhance their potential.

Our extensive programme of community outreach and volunteering gives those involved the chance to use sport, health and wellbeing as a context for learning invaluable skills for life and increasing their employability prospects. At the same time, all these projects across communities at home and abroad deliver real impact and benefit for wider society.

Sport is also a celebration of high performance and we are rightly proud of the amazing achievements of our individual athletes and our teams. At Northumbria sport is also about engagement and inclusion. About giving people the chance to become the best they can be no matter who they are. This is what we mean by transforming lives through sport at Northumbria and it’s why we are able to make such a difference.


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