Public Lecture Series: Professor Keith McIntyre, Lines of Desire

NPA Basement Studio Theatre (0023), Lipman Building


Professor Keith McIntyre, Professor of Fine Art

Title: 'Lines of Desire'

Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne 
*This lecture will take place in the NPA Basement Studio Theatre (0023), Lipman Building, City Campus West

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Keith Mcintyre SmallAcross the landscape a Desire Line or Line of Desire can appear as a pathway signalling the route between one location and another. These marks on the ground evidence the mediated journey by the collective who may not necessarily choose the most direct route, but the most beautiful.  In the snow these trace memories of the traveller cut across vast planes of white. In the thaw they will disappear. For Scottish artist Keith McIntyre, the act of drawing is a fundamental methodology for enquiry and articulation fuelled with the unpredictability of detour and discovery.

In this Professorial lecture McIntyre outlines the journey of his studio practice, demonstrating large-scale drawing as a vital research tool in the art of production where concepts evolve through the larking process to create new outcomes as prints, performances and theatre; and, where collaborative activity with other practitioners is an important driver in the making of new constructed narratives. McIntyre’s restoration of a Thomas Telford Church into a studio in the Outer Hebrides ignited a new interest in the fragility of the environment. In the talk he discusses more recent departures where fractures in the landscape itself are the catalyst for new works eulogising iconic geological features, many of which are vanishing in the night.

About the Speaker

Keith McIntyre’s work is well renowned for crossing over a range of studio practice and performance disciplines.  His interest lies in drawing, graphic fine art media and theatre.  Keith has had numerous exhibitions and has been Visual Director on a range of collaborative projects including Rites (Scottish Chamber Orchestra), New Constellations for Wind, Reed and Drawing Instruments (BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Sage Gateshead) and HEID (Sounds of Progress).  Keith has previously won the Scottish Open Drawing competition and recently worked with renowned children’s writer David Almond and actor Kevin Whately to produce The Savage, an ITV documentary in partnership with Seven Stories Centre for Children’s Books.

Central to his current research is an interest in constructed narratives and the potential of the contemporary diorama. Large black ink works on white foam-board are produced in the studio and became the catalyst for a series of improvisations in workshop practices with other artists working across other arts disciplines. While drawing remains the fundamental interest in McIntyre’s  work, the cross-fertilisation nature of this activity means that there can be a number of project outcomes, either as an exhibition, a live performance or both.

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NPA Basement Studio Theatre (0023), Lipman Building
City Campus West
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne


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