TEDxNewcastle 2017

Northumbria University


Northumbria University is hosting TEDxNewcastle's broadcast of sessions from the TED 2017 conference which this year takes place in Vancouver, Canada.

The two sessions and panel members from the TED 2017 programme are:

Session 5: Mind, meaning 

  • Michael Patrick Lynch: Philosopher
  • Anil Seth: Cognitive Scientist
  • Dan Ariely: Behavioural Economist
  • Mariano Sigman: Neuroscientist
  • Joseph Redmon: Computer Scientist
  • Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar: Neuroscientist
  • Lisa Genova: Neuroscientist, Novelist 
  • Robin Hanson: Economist, Social Scientist 

Session 6: Connection, community 

  • Daan Roosegaarde: Artist
  • Grace Kim: Architect
  • Karolina Korppoo: Game Designer
  • Devita Davison: Food Activist
  • Anna Heringer: Architect
  • David Miliband: Refugee Advocate
  • Luma Mufleh: Refugee Activist 

For the full TED 2017 programme and speaker biographies click here 

Attendance is free and spaces are limited to 400.

Event Details

Northumbria University
City Campus East, Room 001 Lecture Theatre
Business and Law Building
Newcastle upon Tyne