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Charity Begins at Home CBAH Seminar

Newcastle (21 July) / London (21 August)

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In an increasingly competitive third sector, successful fundraisers need a thorough understanding of how donors select charities. Given recent debates on European Union membership, Scottish Independence, Government allocation of Overseas Development Aid and a host of other political, social and economic factors, understanding how people choose between domestic and international charitable causes is as important as ever.

This free lunchtime seminar will share the results of a large scale UK study designed to understand donor attitudes towards giving to domestic versus international charities. In the event we will answer questions such as:

  • What sort of people prefer to donate to domestic versus international charities?
  • To what extent does a person’s political attitudes influence the charities they support?
  • Do people who classify themselves as ‘nationalist’ or ‘patriotic’ opt for particular types of charity?

There will also be the opportunity to debate the findings with the presenters and fellow third sector guests, and to discuss what other fundraising challenges are faced by the sector that warrant further research.

All event attendees will also receive a free e-copy of the full ‘Charity Begins at Home’ research project report.

This research project and event has been kindly supported by the Marketing Trust and will be delivered by Dr. David Hart and Dr. Andrew Robson from Northumbria University.

You can book a place at this event on either of the following dates / locations, places are limited and there is a maximum booking of 3 per customer. (when making a booking you will be asked to select which event you wish to attend): 

Newcastle Event (limited to 80 places)

Friday 21 July 2017
Northumbria University, Newcastle Business School
Room 401, City Campus East 1,
Registration: 11:45 (12:00 start, 14:00 finish)

London Event (limited to 50 places)
Monday 21 August 2017
Room 104, 110 Middlesex Road, London,
E1 7HT
Registration: 11:45 (12:00 start, 14:00 finish)

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Newcastle (21 July) / London (21 August)
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