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University Forum for Human Resource Development Annual Conference 2018


Northumbria University

"Power and possibility: unleashing the potential of HRD” 

The University Forum for HRD Annual Conference 2018

Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

The theme of the UFHRD 2018 Conference is:

Power and possibility: unleashing the potential of HRD   

This theme reflects the regional location of the conference. The industrial North-East of England emerged on the back of power engineering with steam locomotive, railway and marine power pioneers such as George Stephenson and Charles Parsons manufacturing in the region.  Today the region hosts one of Europe’s largest and most efficient auto plants and the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles.  

Recently, in efforts to attract greater investment into northern cities and towns the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ has entered the English political lexicon. This initiative is intended to provide a significant financial boost for the region, while the new Mayor will oversee a range of powers devolved from government, enabling them to build for the region’s future.   

The term power also provides the opportunity for us, as HRD academics and professionals to consider a more critical perspective to our field. Effective HRD requires knowledge sharing and empowering others. The conference will thus offer the opportunity for us to further examine the implications of power relations within organisations and the implications for learning and development interventions. Therefore, researchers will be encouraged by this conference theme to consider the possibilities and potential of HRD for transforming individuals at work and reshaping the future of organisations.

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Event Details

Northumbria University
City Campus East
Business and Law Building
Newcastle upon Tyne


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