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Critical Human Resource Development Stream

Stream Leads: Jim Stewart (Liverpool John Moores) and Sally Sambrook (Bangor University)

This stream does not take or prescribe a view on the meaning of ‘critical’ in the title. Some distinguish between a capital C associated with Critical Theory (CT) and a lower-case c associated with perspectives and critiques other than CT, and then favour one over the other. We will be eclectic in our view of critical. The same will apply to HRD and sites of practice. It is perhaps a matter of debate whether higher education (HE) is a site of HRD practice but it is for us, and so we are interested in both critical content and critical process as applied to HE pedagogy. This is of course in addition to national systems, communities (geographic, cultural, and professional), organisations and individual/personal contexts of practice. Finally, our eclecticism extends to methodology and methods. And so, papers that report, explore, critique the design and conduct of research within critical HRD are welcome. The common themes we wish to encourage in this stream are questioning, challenging and critiquing the conventional, the traditional, and the orthodox wherever they currently dominate, oppress or exclude. These themes reflect and apply the conference theme of “Power and possibility: unleashing the potential of HRD” and especially as power is implicated in domination, oppression and exclusion, and as a critical approach to HRD opens possibilities for emancipation.  

Please note that the Call for Papers for this stream is now CLOSED.

If you have submitted a paper to this stream please see the Call for Papers page for updates and further information. 

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