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Diversity Issues in HRD Stream

Stream Leads: Janet Astley (Leeds Beckett) and Stefanos Nachmias (Nottingham Trent)

Diversity continues to be a key element of organisational policy and practice, and a key topic amongst policy makers.  This stream welcomes contributions relating to all aspects of the diversity and equality spectrum.  Aligned to the conference theme of Power and Possibility with many characteristics of diversity and equality linked to power relationships, particularly in relation to gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, age, class and disability, we invite authors to showcase their current research in this critically important area of HRD.  Individuals and organisations also continue to face challenges relating to diversity issues despite various legislation to protect individuality and special characteristics not only in the UK and EU but also in many other countries.  However, it seems that even though this legislation exists there are still significant accounts of less than fair treatment of individuals or groups at work and in wider society.  By continuing to research in this area authors highlight the issues and raise the focus of the necessity to develop and educate those who fail to recognise the benefits of diversity and to ensure that ultimately everyone is afforded the dignity, equality and respect that they desire in the workplace.  This year’s conference theme offers authors in this stream to evidence the positive and negative power relationships. The steam aims to draw attention to the possibility to engender change embracing all of the benefits of diverse workforces endorsing the importance of this aspect of HRD.   

Please note that the Call for Papers for this stream is now CLOSED.

If you have submitted a paper to this stream please see the Call for Papers page for updates and further information. 

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