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Leadership, Management and Talent Development Stream

Stream Lead: Nicholas Clarke (EADA, Barcelona)

This stream invites submissions across the spectrum of topics covered within leadership, leadership development and talent management. We particularly welcome papers that advance theory and practice within this domain. The theme of this year's conference, “Power and possibility: unleashing the potential of HRD” has particular resonance within the leadership stream where traditional notions of leadership have tended to emphasise leadership as rooted in position power of leaders. More recent conceptualisations however, have challenged this perspective and instead highlighted leadership as more of a relational phenomenon. This emphasises leadership as a process of 'mutual influence' suggesting alternative connotations of how power has been typically discussed in leadership. Similarly, notions of leadership as relational suggest leadership as a more fluid activity arising due to knowledge power for example. Papers that seek to offer new insights in the role of "power" in leadership (or followership) from a variety of theoretical perspectives and their HRD implications would be particularly welcome.

Please note that the Call for Papers for this stream is now CLOSED.

If you have submitted a paper to this stream please see the Call for Papers page for updates and further information. 

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