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Scholarly Practitioner Research Stream

Stream Leads: Aileen Lawless (LJMU), Clare Rigg (Liverpool), Jeff Gold (YSJ) and Valerie Anderson (Portsmouth)

The notion of ‘becoming’ a scholarly practitioner, by researching a complex practice based problem, is an important feature of many postgraduate and taught doctoral programmes. This stream encourages submissions from those who define their work as Scholarly Practitioner (SP) Research which: ‘addresses critical problems of practice through the use of theory, inquiry, and practice-oriented knowledge.’ (MacGregor & Fellabaum, 2016). We seek contributions that include reflection on, and assessment of, the impact of research work and knowledge development that incorporates collaborative and relational learning involving both scholars and practitioners.

This stream provides a space to question, better understand and take forward the relationship between scholarship and practice.  We take an inclusive approach and welcome contributions relating to: HRD education and research defined broadly. We hope that contributors will explore the creative integration of thinking and doing, theory and practice, academic and practitioner. The guiding question for this stream is:

What is the power and possibility of scholarly practitioner research and can we unleash this potential?

We welcome practice based submissions and work from masters and doctoral students who wish to share and develop the ideas from their research. We particularly welcome collaborative papers submitted by partnerships of practitioners and academics and we anticipate contributions that are drawn from a wide range of employment and national contexts.

Publication Opportunities - Papers submitted to this stream may be considered for further development and publication in the Journal Action Learning: Research and Practice and other UFHRD sponsored journals.  

Note: this stream will work in conjunction with NBS “Practitioner day” working group for the 2018 conference

Please note that the Call for Papers for this stream is now CLOSED.

If you have submitted a paper to this stream please see the Call for Papers page for updates and further information. 

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