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Workplace Learning, Training and Development Stream

Stream Lead: Dr Eduardo Tomé (Universidade Europeia, Lisbon)

In the complex, turbulent and ever changing world of today's organizations, Workplace Learning and Training and Development is necessary, to ensure the survival, competitiveness, employability and profitability of organizations. It is also essential to assure that employees are competent and that they do their jobs well. No one can honestly say that people learn what they need to perform their jobs entirely outside the workplace. Therefore, Workplace Learning, Training, and Development lies in the backbone of advanced societies and prosperous economies and organizations.

In this context we welcome studies in a wide variety of perspectives, such as the following but not exclusively focusing on the following topics: 

  • Studies on experiences, actors, and their outcomes.
  • Studies in micro companies, SMEs or large companies as multinationals, even involving the expatriates question, 
  • Studies in profit, non-profit or public organizations. 
  • Studies describing systems of WL and TD or single company experiences.
  • Studies on clusters. 
  • Studies on successes, best practices and failures.
  • National experiences. 
  • Qualitative, quantitative or critical studies. 
  • Studies on performative, critical or radical perspectives.
  • Studies on participation, investments and returns. 
  • Studies on public policies and private contributions to those systems.

Please note that the Call for Papers for this stream is now CLOSED.

If you have submitted a paper to this stream please see the Call for Papers page for information and updates. 

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