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ENCLE-IJCLE Information/Criteria for Fee Waivers & Reductions and Travel and Accommodation Grants

Persons who cannot pay the conference fee can request a fee waiver. ENCLE/IJLCE also provides a limited number of grants for travel and accommodations.


  • Please keep in mind that ENCLE/IJCLE make a lot of efforts in order to provide those, who are not able to attend our conferences otherwise, with financial support. We therefore would ask you to apply to the fee waiver and travel/accommodation grant ONLY in such a situation.
  • ENCLE/IJCLE’s travel grants might cover only a portion of the grantees travel and accommodation expenses; all travel grants will be paid by reimbursement only, upon the production of receipts.
  • Accommodation grants might be paid by reimbursement or directly by ENCLE/IJCLE.


If you wish to request a fee waiver and/or a request a grant, you may send an email to the following email address: Please include the following information:

  • Email address,
  • Family Name/Given Name,
  • Organisation/Affiliation

What type of grant you are applying for?: (1) Fee Waiver, (2) Accommodation and/or (3)Travel, 

  • Please provide (1) reasons, why you would need financial support to attend the ENCLE Conference and (2) explain, how will your participation in the IJCLE/ENCLE conference promote clinical legal education in your institution or country? 
  • If you apply for a travel grant, please provide answers to the following question: (1) Means of travel, (2) Dates of travel and (3) Approximate cost

The ENCLE/IJCLE Fee Waiver and Grant Committee will verify your request and will propose a decision to ENCLE/IJCLE.


Applications for fee waivers and grants are reviewed by ENCLE/IJCLE’s Fee Waiver and Grants Committee, which will apply the criteria listed below:

  • All applicants must have shown a commitment to Clinical Legal Education/Justice Education or have engaged in other activities consistent with the goals of ENCLE/IJCLE (see for example ENCLE’s goals:
  • Applicants for a grant must be presenting at a conference session or be actively involved in the organization of the conference. NOTE, however, that this in itself does not guarantee the award of a grant. Applicants for fee waivers are not required to be presenting at a conference session or being actively involved in the organization of the conference. Nevertheless, actively involved persons will be given preference.
  • The availability to receive a fee waiver and/or a grant will depend on the applicant’s capacity to pay the fee from personal resources and funds available from sponsors. Applicants MUST therefore provide comprehensibly reasons on why he/she cannot afford to pay the conference fee or the travel/accommodation.
  • The following criteria will also be considered:
    • The geographical spread of applicants. The Committee will aim to include as many applicants from different countries as possible. This may result in some applicants not receiving a fee waiver or grant if there are multiple applications from one location.
    • The gender of the applicant, as ENCLE/IJCLE endeavors to ensure regional representation of all genders at the conference.
    • Representatives of new and emerging clinical programs, as ENCLE/IJCLE values the opportunity to assist those locations and countries where new clinical legal education programmes emerge.

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